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The ICIO Union has used various classification systems over the centuries, and even before unification. Thanks to the standards imposed by the Fratrum Auctoritatum era, the system of classifications of anomalous objects is mostly accepted by the organization.


Classifications are a standard system for understanding the capabilities of an anomaly in two important respects: destructive capability and containment complexity. The greater the complexity, the greater the amount of resources required, and in several instances complexity may accompany deatructivity, but it depends on each case. The main classifications within the Union are shown below.


The Album classification is given to objects that require a low amount of resources to keep under containment. It is usually given to those that are inert, requiring only manipulation by an individual to activate their magical capabilities. These objects can sometimes be used to benefit the Union, in some cases. However, they still require like all objects under containment the supervision of staff.


The Flavo rating is given to objects whose capabilities require certain additional measures, but without requiring significant resources. It is given to objects that can activate their properties under certain circumstances or that are a danger being within their immediate area without adequate protection. These objects are not beneficial, but are in simple terms, easy to contain without much risk. Initially when a phenomenon possesses undiscovered capabilities, it is temporarily classified as Flavo prior to containment and initiation of appropriate investigations.


The Rubrum classification designates anomalous phenomena that require medium and mostly long-term use of various amounts of resources with more than one procedure to keep them contained. Their properties are sufficiently dangerous that personnel at certain levels cannot interact with them, and preventive measures must be prepared. Their properties can be the cause of death of one or more humans if care is not taken, making Rubrum an admittedly common classification within the Union.


The Griseo classification is given to supernaturals that command greater use of extended term resources and with specific special procedures to keep them contained. A Griseo anomaly requires arduous research to be contained due to its extremely dangerous abilities, most of which are deadly to humans, society at large and nature. A Griseo class object can easily breach containment if proper protocols are not followed, making secondary safety measures for both personnel and how to respond to the anomaly a priority in these scenarios.


The Nigrum classification is given to anomalies that have required full use of many Union resource sources to remain under containment. Several of these have been contained since ancient eras by organizations comprising the Union Doctrine, and security measures focus on absolute containment of the anomaly and its effects. Given its anomalous capabilities, a Nigrum-class object is capable of causing a catastrophic scenario on a global level, both for the concealment of the anomalous and the nature itself. Seeking the destruction of these anomalies is a priority for the Union and its personnel in most cases.

Levels and Interest

Levels are the way in which we categorize along with the classification to give an index of the relationship of the anomaly to the elements of our reality. The closest to ours will be based on a man-made object, and the furthest away would have a composition that is not governed by the natural laws of physics, time or nature.

Interest on the other hand is a way of measuring the types of interest the Union has in the anomaly. Even if the classification and level are at the highest, the Union may possess a type of interest in the object. An object will not be marked as a threat unless the fundamental interest is neutralization, and in others the interest may be research despite the simplicity of the object in question. In short, the interest is decided by the anomalous properties of the phenomenon.


  • Alpha: Alpha level anomalies have a composition of materials understandable by the common sciences, with few parts that serve to activate their anomalous properties.
  • September: September level anomalies have a more esoteric material composition, but still retain some understandable composition. Their means of activating their magical abilities can vary both in activation and in their effects.
  • X-Ray: X-Ray level anomalies are composed entirely of materials incomprehensible by common means, and with some difficulty to comprehend. Some of these were not created by the occult, but had other, more complex origins.
  • Echo: Echo level anomalies do not come from this reality, generally having their origin in places not related to our own. Their composition is unique and they are not affected by the laws of reality, in most cases being able to alter it and cause different phenomena at the same time.

Research: The Union is interested in experimenting and understanding the anomaly to a greater extent.
Benefit: The Union seeks a benefit in one or more fields of medicine, industry or science.
Threat: The Union considers the anomaly as a threat, and will seek to downgrade its anomalous capabilities or neutralize them completely.
Other: The Union's interests are of a different and more specific kind.

  • Low: Shows a low interest in satisfying the interest, usually leaving the task to a single staff subject or a few newly recruited.
  • Medium: Shows broader interest, looking for some particular type of thing. It is usually left to several members with some experience to satisfy this interest.

High: Shows a particular interest in looking for the satisfaction of different things in reference to the anomaly in question, leaving these tasks to a special group of professional staff.

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