Logged Anomaly
Designation DAR-002
Place of Containment Base CM-6, Florida, United States
Head of Research Dr. Figerston More
Support Personnel Agent Marshall and Captain Ladeau Mortimer1
Classification Flavo
Types of Hazards Conscious, Sapient, Elemental, Mechanical
Interest Research - Medium
Level Alpha

Assigned Department: Department of Elementalism and Department of Theogony

Continental Region: North American Continental Region

Assigned Containment Group: Orden des Roten Pfeiljägers2

Control Information

Security Protocols: Due to the pro-Union operational humanoid anomaly status, DAR-002 will need to be placed in its specialized humanoid containment room between 3 to 4 week rest periods, after serving as an agent 2 week combat special. If a high-level official is found abusing the entity's capabilities, they will be detained by security personnel and tried by the Office of Ethics and Internal Affairs.

The room in which DAR-002 resides during rest periods, must have the following objects; DAR-002-1, blacksmith's work table, forging anvil, tool rests on one of the walls, in addition to this you will be given a weekly supply of different metals, and materials commonly used in the creation of handles for bladed weapons.

During the periods of operations, any damage must be repaired with the use of mineral coal that must be digested by DAR-002, liquid mercury in case of physical damage that must be applied in the area of ​​the damage and gold in mineral state in case of internal malfunction of the entity. Fieldwork and entity objectives will be selected by Agent Marshall and subsequently evaluated by Captain Ladeau Mortimer. Research on DAR-002's behavior will be conducted with weekly individual interview sessions by Dr. Figerston.

Weapons produced by DAR-002 with or without anomalous properties will be distributed as close combat weapons by different Union facilities in the light weapons arsenals. If possible, weapons with abnormal capabilities will be distributed to new FSO unit operatives requiring more specialized weaponry.

DAR-002-1 must remain in the specialized humanoid containment room of DAR-002, and between periods of 5 days to 2 weeks, its anomalous fire system will be supplied with 500 grams of human skin in a state of decomposition, 300 milliliters of Toluene and 200 grams of mineral carbon.3The symbols on the structure should be repainted frequently every 2 days using natural pitch as paint.

Physical Description: DAR-002 is the designation of an intelligent humanoid entity, 2.05 meters tall. Its body is completely made from plates of an anomalous metallic material known as Mitisio4. It has a slim shape, with joint movement mechanisms in the areas of the shoulders, neck, wrists, fingers, knees, ankles, waist and shoulders.

It has sharp extensions in the shape of claws on the hands that reach 4 centimeters, a head of one hundred flattened, it does not present elements such as eyes, nose or dark circles. It manifests a structure similar to a large mouth, which contains rows of teeth in no apparent order belonging to a Carcharodon Carcharias (White Shark) biologically. From the hundred to the nape is a row of spike extensions made from keratin from an unknown specimen of the Selachimorpha (Shark) family. Each of these structures has a thickness of 2, a height of 15 and a width of 5 centimeters, being slightly inclined to the right.

The entity wears a white cloth dress which has different magic runes5, and a belt with a buckle in the shape of a representation of an alchemical smithy symbol. The entity internally has clockwork mechanisms made from non-anomalous metallic materials, with the exception of a series of cables which act as a nervous system, which are connected to each point with joint movement, providing the individual to control these parts.

He is fully aware of his surroundings and able to communicate verbally, having reasoning and attitudes at the level of an average human. The main communication language of DAR-002 is English, but it can also speak Arabic, Turkish, German, Greek, Serbian, and Italian. Subject claims to have been created in the 3rd century by an individual of unknown identity, describing him as a mechanic of Roman origin, who was recent from a nation of paranormal culture and origins, inhabited by non-anomalous intelligent humanoids.

DAR-002-1 is a Roman-style marble pillar 80x10x10 centimeters high, with a completely deep iron plate measuring 20x15 centimeters at the top and glued to the pillar by a series of alchemical substances. Both the marble pillar and the deep plate are superficially engraved with runes related to pyromancy, allomancy, geomancy, and alchemical smithing.

Description of Anomalous Capabilities: DAR-002 presents the abilities to use paranormal and non-paranormal blacksmithing techniques, to elaborate, by means of sufficient tools and resources, diverse weapons of the genre of bladed weapons. On no occasion has he been seen making firearms, or any other type of product. Despite having presented him with plans, tools and materials to make firearms ranging from mechanical to paranormal, the subject refuses to make the weapons.

The entity has the ability to control through the magical use of fire, being part of non-paranormal and paranormal pyromancy. He also has minor control abilities of metallic materials by means of geomancy and allomancy spells, and possessing a knowledge about the elaboration of alchemical agents by anomalous means. All of these capabilities are used by DAR-002 for when it is in combat or crafting a weapon.

DAR-002-1 only works when the materials specified in its Control Protocols are placed inside it, which generate a thaumaturgical effect related to paranormal pyromancy, generating a blue fire. This fire is equivalent to the normal one, with the difference of being more resistant to water, eliminating any damage or defect in a metallic material and evenly heating a metal. Generally this is used by DAR-002 as a working medium.


Church where DAR-002 was discovered.

Discovery: DAR-002 and DAR-002-1 were found in ████ ██████, Germany, during an assault on a Christian church in which there was allegedly activity by unidentified Christian cultists, that created theogonic anomalies and distributed them throughout the region. After the assault under the command of Agent Pietro Williamson Mark, only several formerly functional objects were found by means of Miraculous Radiation completely worn out and DAR-002 and DAR-002-1.

After obtaining the entity, it was subsequently briefly interviewed at Base CM-6 and finally transferred to Mechanical Containment Base 5 in Florida for security reasons. DAR-002 was completely indifferent to the actions of the Union after being contained. See Interview Log #1 and #2 for more.

Additional Documents

Annex 1 - Interview Records

Annex 2 - Security Register

Preface: On 07/10/2009, the recruits named as Agent Joseph Marck and Johannes Marston, recently promoted to the position of Security Guards at the time, had requisitioned the DAR-002 document the day after graduation in order to verify the security of the anomaly and its containment.

After both spoke with Dr. Figerston More, the main person in charge of the object, both guards requested an interview with the anomaly about a supposed location of interest that provides possible benefits, of which only DAR-002 knew of its existence. Both guards were approved by Dr. Figerston More without prior consultation from senior personnel, making a gross offense to their duty as an inspector.

The next day, at 8:00 AM on 07/12/2009, both security guards obtained and read a version of the DAR-002 document suitable for their Security Range, going directly to the section where the anomaly was. contained.

Annex 3 - Investigations of the Order des Roten Pfeiljägers

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