Recorded Anomaly
Designation FAR-099
Place of Containment Base-069, United Kingdom
Head of Research Erich Barack N / A
Support Personnel Inv. Joseph County
Classification Album
Types of Hazards Projectile, Artifact, Altering
Interest Other - Low
Level Alpha

Assigned Department: Paratechnology Department

Continental Region: Western European Continental Region

Assigned Containment Group: London Cross Dynastic Clan N / A

Control Information

Security Protocols: DAR-099 must remain in room A-13 for storage of historical objects in Base-069. It must be kept inside a gun locker with a padlock system to prevent unauthorized removal. The access door must be locked with a double password system plus authorization from three Rank 2 staff members from the Internal History Office. If security is violated, a pyromantic thaumaturgical effect explosive placed inside the panel that controls the locking systems will be activated. The tests are unauthorized by the Base Director.


Media recovered from a British agent reloading DAR-099.


Media recovered from a British agent about to fire DAR-099.

Physical Description: DAR-099 is a hand-operated bolt-action rifle, British Lee-Enfield model of caliber 303 with fixed external, with a capacity for 10 rounds loaded with two combs of 5 rounds, weighing 4.17 kg, a length of 1128mm with a 640mm barrel length. It does not have serial hallmarks, trademark of the manufacturing industry or the year created, but with the analysis of the wood and the material of the object, it is estimated that it belongs to the year 1914. The internal firing mechanisms (except for the needle and the trigger) have been replaced by paratechnological mechanical systems of thaumaturgic actuators, alters and impellers.

Description of Anomalous Capabilities: DAR-099 does not present anomalous effects from the outside that are visible, and it does not cause paranormal effects when placing a bullet, when removing it or affecting the user during or after its use. Anomalous capabilities occur after a British 303 caliber bullet is fired. Thaumaturgic actuator, disruptor and booster systems cause the following effects on fired projectiles:

  • Triggers: After pulling the trigger in the absence of the other systems that help complete the action of activating the bullet, a pyromantic thaumaturgical effect is generated through the force applied to the trigger as well as a formula of elemental microglyphs that reach the part of the primer.
  • Alters: Microseconds before the actuators activate the primer, the disruptors, a series of miniature mechanisms of mechanical systems (gears, pulleys and chains) are activated generating a symbolic effect that generates an esoteric energy that is stores inside the projectile.
  • Thrusters: After activating the primer and firing the cartridge, the bullet will travel at approximately 560 meters per second. Upon impact on a surface of any kind, it will activate currently unrecognized mechanisms causing an audible beep after the projectile is fired to impact. This activates the properties of esoteric energy, disintegrating the bullet (leaving only a 7.9 mm hole in the place where the bullet was intended to impact) and causing a type of ontological alteration effect on the material that makes up the surface of the bullet impact.

Image taken from the Discovery Zone, 01/02/1939.

Discovery: DAR-099 was discovered on 01/01/1939 after a routine investigation by two Union agents in the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota, after hearing of alleged rumors from a machinist of tall, insane and inhuman who was doing a series of supernatural jobs on site with materials left behind in a tractor factory. Agents found only DAR-099, on a workbench with miniature mechanical parts, gunpowder, motor oil, and a spent thaumaturgical glyph etched into the table. A note was also found next to the rifle, and both were transferred to Observation Post 455 and later transferred to Base-088 in Canada as objects of anomalous investigation interest.

Additional Documents

Annex A - Recovered Letter


The Fabrically, I, yes, I, have created something that not even the Americans and British could design. I have acquired the methods to create unique technologies, and I have taken something unique from British weapons themselves, their Lee-Enfield rifle. But it is not just any rifle. It is what the Factory has made. My renowned salesman within the hidden from the eyes of the world was right, more rewarding than stabbing your annoying neighbor. IT'S TIME TO PLAY DIRTY.

Annex B - Investigation

Annex C - File of Interest Obtained

During the investigations to find the organization that stole DAR-099, a document format belonging to the Office of Royal Occult Security was found ( Royal Occult Security Office) after storming an abandoned outpost in Liverpool. Below is the recovered document.

Annex D - Reobtaining

DAR-099 was recovered by agents Max Posey and Karl Durian during their work as infiltrators in France during 1940 before the Nazi domination of the territory. He was found in a British-abandoned outpost in Lyon, which was later taken under French control. Thanks to good relations with the French and to the withdrawal operations orchestrated by the Union to prevent numerous anomalies and documents from falling into German hands, DAR-099 was returned without incident. The anomaly was transported by FOE-12-Combat "Indestructible Jigs" from the port of Bruix aboard USS ████ to Base-088. After the Second World War, the object was relocated to Base-069 for the containment of inert objects, where it resides today.

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