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Sometimes our reality seems like a dream, a deep dream, from wonderful to creepy. But we must explore it, so as not to let it consume us. - Dr. Amadeus Mirray

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Introductory Report: It has been more than a million years that humanity has set foot on this planet called earth. From our origins still investigated by science, we appreciate how a second force grew with us: magic. Divided into various and misunderstood branches, magic, Spiritualism, alchemy, esotericism, and other series of doctrines and practices were seen by humanity flourish. Humans were not afraid of growing up, and they evolved into modern times today, where we have advanced technological machines and a quite remarkable social organization. But the magic was still there.

The magical forces created entities, objects, phenomena, and all kinds of impossible beings and forces. Humans and beasts forged their knowledge about them, their own unique and impossible schools, academies, doctrines, practices, and knowledge. Many groups grew and called themselves in many ways, doing evil, good, or acting neutral in any situation. But from ancient China a unique ideology for the human was born.

It began with the Order of the Azanjuy, settled in the ancient Chinese lands around 1100 AD. Investigate, Contain, Destroy, and Conceal were his greatest guidelines carried out for the next 104 years. Even though they were exterminated in 1208 by the Mongols, their ideals flew beyond the weak human consciences of that time. Genghis Khan's empire took the idea and left it for their homeland, they distributed it to Persia, Eastern Europe, to the Ottomans, to India and finally it was reborn again in China.

Different organizations settled in these lands, from sacred orders, conglomerates and hidden unions at the service of their respective nations. The ideal was expanded beyond Central Asia, reaching North Africa, the Balkans and Italy. And although it expanded over the next few centuries, nothing was fully created until 1670. A conglomerate of 15 German organizations came together and formed the remnant of the ICIO Union.

It was followed by the Order of Kavinski in Russia, which fled with its old enemy called the Church of the Vook. Both new unions expanded and absorbed all of Eastern Europe in their great influence, and proclaimed themselves after armed conflicts with their respective nations and different groups opposed to their ideology, as independent. The Union of Vonik-Reuff, became official in the 1700s, and founded the first anomalous community of the same name in Poland.

Since then, Vonik-Reuff expanded and refuted in Central Asia, the Indies, North Africa, America and the Rest of Europe. By the 1800s, it was renamed the Fratrum Auctoritatum, and it was not until 1830 that its mission was imposed outside the grace of any national authority or the grace of the church of Christianity, and it acted truly independent as a beast impossible to tame. Many saw him as their hope, and others as their downfall.

After the dark and bloody times of the First World War, the Fratrum Auctoritatum became a new organization, now renamed the ICIO Union. Its ideals and purposes were imposed on the entire global stage, becoming in every kilometer of the planet. Sure, there is much more to see, but you must discover that yourself.

- Table of the High Command. First Director, the convention of September 1, 1999.

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