En Far Template

Recorded Anomaly
Designation FAR-XXX
Place of Containment Base X, Location X
Head of Research Chief's name
Support Staff Name of staff members
Ranking Album, Flavo, Rubrum, Griseo, or Nigrum
Types of Hazards Hazards according to their abnormal capabilities
Interest Research, Benefit, Threat, Other - Low, Medium, High
Level Alpha, September, X-Ray, Echo

Assigned Department: Department according to its anomalous properties

Continental Region: Continental Region of Eastern Europe, South America, North America, etc.

Assigned Containment Organization: Order, Clan, Organization, Tribe, Conglomerate, etc., Assigned to participate in containment of the anomaly

Control Information

Security Protocols:

Physical Description:

Description of Anomalous Capabilities:


Additional Documents

Anexo A-Z (Optional):

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